12-year-old girl runs for fallen Forest Heights Police K9 ‘Kuno’


Morgan said she’s already run over 50 miles just this year for fallen first responders all across the country.

Maryland K-9 officer Kuno laid to rest

Author: Sarah Fredrickson (WUSA)

Published: 10:26 PM EDT July 18, 2023

Updated: 10:26 PM EDT July 18, 2023

FOREST HEIGHTS, Md. — A 7th grader from New Jersey honored fallen Forest Heights Police K9 ‘Kuno’ by running a mile in his name. Morgan Glann, 12, carried a flag and picture of Kuno during the race.

Morgan connected with Sgt. Grooms and others in the Forest Height Police Department through Zoom after learning of Kuno’s death.

On the Zoom, Sgt. Grooms read a heartfelt letter from Morgan sending her condolences. Along with the letter, Morgan sent Sgt. Grooms the very flag that she had run with. 

“He will never be forgotten and he will always be in the hearts of other officers for all of his amazing actions and all the sacrifices he made throughout his lifetime,” Morgan’s letter read. 

Morgan is one of seven young people across the country that runs in honor of fallen first responders through the nonprofit Running 4 Heroes. The organization started with just one kid with a love for running and a respect for first responders. Now, the organization has multiple grants and even a tribute hall where Kuno and Morgan will be memorialized. 

Morgan has wanted to become a K9 officer since she was six years old. Instead of presents on her birthday, she asked for donations to her annual GoFundMe that benefited officers and their K9 programs. So, when she was asked to join Running 4 Heroes, she couldn’t turn the opportunity down. 

“When I first joined this team, that was the main goal to of course give back to these communities who are in grief and who are experiencing these really hard losses and just to try to giver everything I can to help them on their way through this process so that they can overcome this loss,” Morgan said. 

Morgan said she’s already run over 50 miles just this year for fallen first responders all across the country. Mostly for fallen K9s, but also for police officers and firefighters. 

Because of Morgan’s generosity, Sgt. Grooms and the rest of the station invited Morgan to come check out the station and said they would be there to help with anything. 

“Anything that we can do. Just come down here, talk to us and we really appreciate you. You are now family with the Forrest Heights Police Department,” said Chief Police Anthony Rease. 

Kuno is described as the original and longest-standing K9 with the Forest Hills Police Department. According to the Forest Heights Police Department, K9 Kuno died after having a medical emergency while responding to a burglary call for service in Prince George’s County. K9 Kuno was 5 years old, with four years of service at his death. The memorial service was held July 13.